WTC Canopies FAQ's

Is the canopy waterpoof?

Yes. Our canopy kits have been tested in all weather conditions and your gear will stay dry.

Is the canopy dustproof?

No canopy is really dustproof whether it is fibreglass, aluminium or vinyl. However, unlike some competitors, we have tested our canopy kits over thousands of kilometres of dirt roads and combined with customers feedback we are confident in saying that the dust ingress is minimal.

Is it easy to fit the kit?

Yes the kit is easy to assemble and fit. All fittings are supplied and all that is required is a cordless drill and a basic spanner set. There are step by step instructions and no trade know how is required.

Can I put my dogs in the canopy*?

Yes. As the canopy is canvas which is breathable it is perfect for dogs. Other canopy materials such as vinyl or PVC will sweat and may, in some circumstances, cause the dogs to overheat.
Optional extras for dogs: A clear panel behind the cab to see the dog in the tub and heavy duty insect screens can also be purchased as optional extras that provide privacy, airflow and protection from biting flies.
*Provided the dogs are secured in accordance with laws applicable in your state.

Is there an option to carry something on top of the canopy?

Yes. You can purchase a frame upgrade kit that will enable ladder racks to be mounted that will hold a weight of up to 40kg. These racks are perfect for a side mount roll out awning, a solar panel or light weight kayaks. You can also choose to have the option to add these ladder racks later if you get the ladder rack upgrade kit at time of purchase
If you require an option to load heavy items above 40kg on the canopy such as roof top tents, 270 degree awnings and flat racks please see Wallaby Track Canvas ( our division that manufactures heavy duty canopies.

Can I drive along with the sides rolled up?
Yes all 3 side flaps can be rolled up when driving. WTC canopies uses industry standard strap and Stayput fastener that will last the life of the ute.

Is there a removable bar at the back of the canopy?

You can choose to have a removable bar (approx. 30 seconds to remove) or an angle section that is pop riveted to the tailgate. Whilst the angle section pop riveted to the tailgate may seem like a good idea initially if you are looking to remove the kit the angle section will need to be drilled out each time resulting in holes in tailgate.