Holden Colorado RC 2007-2012

Holden ColoradoHolden Colorado

WTC Canopies has canvas canopy kits for RC Colorado (2007-2012) models

These kits have an aluminium frame and 3 flap canvas canopy:

The canvas attaches to the frame  - no drilling into the outside of tub for the buttons

Clean lines for a great look - no elastic loops

It can be removed and disassembled in a matter of minutes

There are variety of options are available such as a choice of black or grey for canvas colour, clear panels and ladder racks.

Standard tub frames have a 40kg weight limit. Any loads should be carried on the ladder racks (not directly on top of the canopy).

If you would like to load heavy items such as roof top tents, 270 degree awnings and flat racks please see Wallaby Track Canvas (www.wallabytrack.com.au) our division that manufactures heavy duty canopies.

Fitting Requirements

The frame for the kit is stand alone. No existing bar work is required (any existing bar work will need to be removed to fit the kit).

The frame sits on top of the tub. Any tonneau clip track will need to be removed to fit the kit.

The frame attaches to the inside lip of the tub using a securing bracket. The kit can be fitted to the ute with an under lip tub liner. Over lip tub liners will need to be cut to fit the securing bracket bolt.